The Denver Pops Orchestra is a community-based nonprofit organization that has been serving up great music in metro Denver for over 30 years. The 55+ members who volunteer their time and talents represent a variety of ages and vocations. The ensemble aims to serve Denver area communities through performances of familiar music, including a wide range of music from light classical and symphonic to operatic movements, Broadway and movie tunes to dance band and pops compositions. Denver Pops performs regularly from September through May, offering a variety of concerts, formal dances, benefits, and special events.

"Penny Lane" by the Beatles, a cover by Rubber Souls and the Denver Pops Orchestra. Recorded live at the Central Presbyterian Church in Denver on April 21, 2018. Available now on iTunes and Google Play.

Beatles Outdoor Concert August 24!

Rubber Souls (feat. Mike Massé) and the Denver Pops Orchestra reunite for an encore performance of their Beatles Tribute. Rubber Souls are some of Denver’s finest musicians who have joined forces in a Beatles act focused on the authentic arrangements, sounds, and performances of the Beatles’ most beloved works. The orchestral scores were created by members of the band, who went to painstaking effort to accurately reproduce the orchestral arrangements heard on the original Beatles records. Rubber Souls and the Denver Pops delighted fans who attended last year’s show in Denver. Join us for this all-ages show on Saturday, August 24 2019, at the Philip S. Miller Amphitheater in Castle Rock.

Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Denver

Central is located at 1660 Sherman St at the corner of 17th Avenue, catercorner to the Wells Fargo skyscraper (“cash-register building”) in downtown Denver.

With its new Antonia Brico Stage, ideal acoustics, and seating capacity of around 1,000, Central Presbyterian is a sought-after venue for music groups in the metro Denver area.

Support Denver Pops.

To support concert related expenses, the orchestra relies on donations from our audience, the SCFD (Scientific and Cultural Facilities District), and profits from performing at special events. Thank you to all who have donated to the orchestra!