Board of directors

Ron Argotsinger, Music Director

Charlie Wright , President

Jon-Paul Frappier, Vice President

Tim Stevens, Secretary

Shirley Jervis, Treasurer

Jennifer van de Kamp, At-Large Member

Holly Dent, At-Large Member

Dave Leslie, At-Large Member


Additional Staff

Executive Director, Lara Smedley

Carrie Beeder, Concertmaster

Holly Dent, Personnel Manager

Betsy Nelms, Librarian

Tim Stevens, Grant Writer

Robin Ziemann, Hospitality

Dennis Rawley, Communications

Garry Allison, Data Manager


The Denver Pops Orchestra mission is to:

  • Provide a continuing musical experience for musicians of the community

  • Serve the community through the performance of familiar music with broad audience appeal

  • Provide familiar music for dances, benefits, parties and other social events for public and private entities

  • Assist young musicians with their musical education